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Retired U. S. Navy Chief and Master Deputy Sheriff, Bob “the ventriloquist” Walsh performs motivational ventriloquist shows for multi-generational family settings, character education, public safety, faith-based groups, summer day school shows and senior centers. Audiences enjoy the repertoire of puppets “Bob the ventriloquist family dramas” bring from a variety of ventriloquist figures (Matthew, Seaman Jeremiah, Hermit Grump, Joe and Mary Sue). He also has added soft puppets to the show featuring a large frog puppet, Heavywait; a monkey, Adam; and Grandfather Moose to the act. His shows are engaging, fun and remembered for all ages.  Bob continues to perform ventriloquist shows to audiences worldwide and in the Norfolk, Virginia area.  Upon request Bob is available to conduct training workshops for teachers and adults on using puppets in education.


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