Retired U. S. Navy Chief and Master Deputy Sheriff, Bob the “Minister of Ventriloquism Puppets” Walsh presents Character Building ventriloquist shows, Puppet workshops to train adults on how to reach children with the Gospel,  public safety, summer day school and senior shows.  Bob is available to conduct puppet workshops to groups on the two forms of puppetry:  Ventriloquism and Puppeteering to teach others how to learn this art form. These workshops have been welcomed in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Flushing, New York; Cape Town, South Africa; Cuttack, India; the Peoples Republic of China; and, in the Philippines.

Audiences enjoy the “Minister of Ventriloquism Puppets” ministry with his lively puppets and figures ( Deputy Matthew, Seaman Jeremiah, Hermit Grumpy, Ex-con Joe, and Mary Sue). The act also has added soft puppets to the show featuring a large frog (Heavywait); and a sloth (Slacker Sloth) to the act. His shows are engaging, fun and remembered for all ages.  Bob has recently performed ventriloquist shows to audiences in South Africa, India, New York, mainland China, the Philippines as well as in the Norfolk, Virginia area.

Brooklyn, New York

Hong Kong Yew Chung International Middle School

Shanghai Yew Chung International School Assembly

Clotesville, South Africa 

Senior and Adult Puppet shows during puppet workshops in Manhattan, New York celebrating “Jesus loves China Town”


Norfolk, Virginia.  Anonymous high school drawing given to Deputy Bob Walsh (retired) at the Barron Black Library for his work out of the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office (Below).


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