India Kids Puppet Project



India Kids Puppet Project:  What is it?

It is a volunteer project that is short-term mission oriented taking stuffed animals and converting them into moving mouth puppets to give away to India children in various villages so they can tell Bible stories after the ministry of a short-term Puppeteer Storyteller and a Gospel Ventriloquist team complete demonstrating the two art forms of puppetry for education (Puppeteer and Ventriloquist).  So when doing spring cleaning you can give away stuffed animals for conversion consideration at the Contact information on this web site.  This could be a perfect project for a church or home craft  ministry to make a difference in young lives.

Step 1:  Rip open seams and pull stuffing.

Step 2:  Make mouths from cardboard and felt.  Then, glue together.

Step 3:  Put stuffing back in and sew up seams to complete transformation from stuffed animals to moving mouth puppets.

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