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You have an archive of “family friendly” videos to watch.   Sign up to the DeputybobJ479 Channel by clicking on “Videos” tab bar at the top of this page and subscribe to “Bob ‘The Ventriloquist’ Walsh”  You can click on the playlists “Christian Puppet Classics” or “No Dummies About Bible” to share with your friends.

Bob Walsh and his ventriloquist pals present motivational shows that are fun and interacting for child development, school age, family conferences, churches or assisted living facilities.

Bob is an alumnus of Bluefield College (BS) and San Diego Bible College (BA).  He is a retired U. S. Navy Chief Petty Officer and retired Master Deputy Sheriff from a Commonwealth of Virginia law enforcement agency.

He has taken his ventriloquist show on the road to students in Hong Kong, mainland China and South Africa for children. He was featured in the Hong Kong Christian Times in November 2011 (Re: “News Articles” at”





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